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Don't discount Pinion Yoke sound or vibrations as part of your vehicle with an AMC differential it will cost you a lot of cash! Ruined or damaged pinion yokes could cause oscillations, noise and bad ride experience, are hazardous furthermore can harm additional major components or your own vehicle.

Pinion Yokes are available for the AMC differentials.pinion yoke replacements

We are able to assist you with your AMC Pinion Yoke Difficulties

Proven Force is a automotive drivetrain and driveline manufacturing, warehouse, distribution center plus installation service facility for both automobiles and pickup trucks. Located in Maple Grove, MN we have been in operation assisting the Metropolitan Minneapolis area for over 37 year. We are able to assist you with your motor AMC pinion yoke problems.

The pinion yoke is splined to the pinion gear shaft and provides the attachment point for your driveshaft. The pinion yoke can be impact defective and also become damaged from the malfunction U-Joint. If it becomes damaged it can result in a vibration from the drivetrain. Replacement pinion yoke that are specifically designed and manufactured for your vehicle application our pinion yokes meet or exceeds original equipment OE specs.

Replacing a pinion yoke or seal can be a little delicate the very first time. It is very important not to over tighten up the pinion nut. The reason is that between the pinion bearings is a spacer or crush sleeve. It's there to maintain preload on the bearings and hold the adjustment made by tightening the pinion nut.

Be very careful to install the correct yoke

Don't mix up the front and rear axle yokes this will likely lead to damage pinion seal and dripping fluid. Pinion yokes are generally durable components, however are positioned under the vehicle and are at the mercy of impact damage from obstacles and debris, usually comes about when off roading. Two different styles of yokes can be found the U-bolt style and also the strap and bolt style.

ring pinion and yokeWhen you remove the drive shaft universal from your pinion yoke you will have to take out the nut that holds the pinion yoke in position and remove the pinion yoke. You don't need to remove the rear axle housing from the car or truck to accomplish this. We suggest you put in a brand new pinion seal while you have it apart.

Frequently the pinion yoke is pressed onto the pinion shaft securely with an interference match and will require a 2 jaw puller to remove it. If the damaged pinion yoke has damaged the splines on the pinion shaft (as shown in the video below) you will have to replace every one of the parts in shown in the figure to the above left, new ring and pinion shaft they are offered as a set, new pinion yoke and seal, new ujoint, straps, ubolts nuts and or clips. Make sure you setup the ring and pinion along with the manufactures recommendations which includes preloading pinion bearings with all the correct pressure on crush sleeve.

New Pinion Yokes are available the following AMC applications

Diff Model Part Number Spline Count Spline Dia Inch Hub Dia Inch Thru Hole Inch C/L To End Inch Ujoint Series Notes
Your Cost
AMC 20 PT3104-07
1.229 1.844 1.375 2.938
Strap type
AMC 20 PT3504-02
1.229 1.844 1.375 3.031
Strap type
Minimum order $25.00, Shipping and Handling Charges will be added.


Worn out Pinion Yoke with major Play can bee seen in the video blow. Thanks to ScarletOrangeMan this demonstrates worn out splines inside the pinion yoke, time to have it replaced.


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