Spartan Locker Super straight forward install, includes hardened cross pin

The Spartan automatic mechanical Locker by USA Standard Gear replaces your stock spiders in a spartan lockerOE differential case. The Spartan Locker's are design not to use the thrust washers. This brand new locker has a cutting edge spring and pin design which makes installation easy! The side couplers and drivers are built using 9310 steel, heat treating provides additional performance and toughness. The new stronger center cross shaft fits in oval slots between two inner drivers. When load is applied the center pin it forces the inner drivers out to engage the axle coupler on both sides of the case, providing locked power to each rear wheel. This generates greater traction. Under turning conditions one drive is unloaded and the teeth ratchet across each other that creates the differential action, reducing tire wear assisting in vehicle turning making it easier.


* Improved design provides longer tooth life and the installation is easier

* Provides 100% Lockup for extreme traction

The Spartan Locker units provide inexpensive traction and easy installation. Spartan Lockers are recommended for lighter vehicles or vehicles with tires shorter than 32". The Spartan Locker, by USA Standard Gear, provides dependable traction at a low cost. Provide your vehicle great traction and save some cash. Choose a Spartan Locker for better off road traction. To see more applications and pricing visit Spartin Locker Positraction page.

This is the only unit that includes a new hardened cross-pin shaft and retaining roll pin. When installing your new Spartan Locker its a great time to replace all your bearings, gaskets and seal, ask your ProvenForce.com sales representative he is an expert and suggest only the parts you will need, saving you money, 800-444-0755.

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