Dodge Chrysler Center Support Bearings - Carrier Bearing for Driveline, Driveshafts, Stop Vibration. We ship worldwide!

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Worn out driveshaft carrier bearings can be unsafe to your vehicles health and result in high-priced maintenance. Broken center bearings makes it possible for the driveshaft to shake creating seals to fail either in or even both the transmission and differential. Fluid will leak out and cause overheating and bearing or gear disaster. Replacement of rear differential parts can cost in between $1,000 and $3,000 replacing of a transmission will set you back between $2,000 to $3,500. Exchange your worn center bearing with the initial sign of shake, a visual assessment is also adviced.

Dodge Chrylser Center Bearings

Carrier Bearings are readily available for these Dodge Chrylser vehicles select your motor vehicle model and year to order the correct carrier bearing, a picture is provided with dimension also to assist you in ordering the correct support bearing.

Image Part Number Model Year Bearing ID CC of Holes   Notes Your Cost
PT1680-3030 Dodge D50 Pickup 4X2 (79-80) 1.181 6.375   Inner bearing width .950 $113.16
3580-20 PT3580-2020 Dodge Late model trucks 1.574 6.625 $94.44
4180-10 PFPT4180-1010 Dodge Pickup 1.574 6.625 $79.34
3580-34 PFPT3580-3434 Dodge Sprinter 1.378 7.625   Used in 1350 series new shaft conversions $71.40
3480-10 PFPT3480-1010 Dodge Sprinter (00-06) 1.772 7.625   Takeout $137.54
PFPT4180-3030 Dodge Trucks 1.574 6.625   Aluminum bracket $85.00
2880-31 PFPT2880-3131 Dodge Chrysler 300, Magnum, Charger (05-08) 1.181 7.375   New Takeouts $73.54


Driveshaft center supports bearings for 2wd and 4wd. We supply Driveshaft Driveline repairs, parts, rebuilding and upgraded assemblies. At No Cost Tech support team call 1-800-444-0755. Phone and talk to a professional, planning a repair or performance improvement, let us assist in saving some dough.

We offer a wide range of carrier support bearings. Our service center provides experienced and trained auto technician solutions to assist in keeping your car or truck in top working order. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer guaranteed craftsmanship and parts. Walk-ins are welcome and usually we offer same day service. Wanting to figure out what components you need or having problems diagnosing your cars or trucks performance we offer Free Tech support and test drives to help you.