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Proven Force is a leading automotive parts and center bearing supplier General Motors, Cadillac Buick and Chevrolet.

Worn out driveshaft carrier bearings can be harmful to your cars or trucks health and lead to high-priced vehicle repairs. Broken center bearings allows the driveshaft to vibrate leading to seals to fail either in or even both the transmission and differential. Fluid will drip away and cause heating up and bearing or gear failing. Replacing of rear differential components may cost in between $1,000 and $3,000 replacing a transmission can cost you between $2,000 to $3,500. Exchange your worn carrier bearing at the first sign of vibration, a visual assessment is recommended.

Center Bearings are available for the following vehicles General Motors, Cadillac Buick and Chevrolet models, choose your vehicle model and year to buy the right carrier bearing, a picture is provided with dimensions also to help you in ordering the correct support bearing.

Part Number   Model and Year Bearing ID
CC of Holes
  Notes Your Cost
PT3R80-35   Buick Electra 1.575
  Bearing not included. Order 3R80-15 separately. $189.92
  Buick LeSabre 1.575
  Bearing not included. Order 3R80-15 separately. $189.92
  Buick Wildcat 1.575
  Bearing not included. Order 3R80-15 separately. $189.92
PT3R80-30   Cadillac Factory limo (66-85) 1.575
  Housing and bearing included $160.32
PT3R80-10   Cadillac Buick Multiple applications fits some 1964 and up housing on this bearing is 1.00" shorter then the 3R80-25 1.575
  Housing and bearing included $160.32
PT3R80-15   Cadillac Buick Multiple applications 1.575
  Bearing only. Fits in housings of 3R80-10, 3R80-25, 3R80-30 and 3R80-35 $78.22
PT3R80-25   Cadillac Buick Multiple applications some Cadillac's and Buick's from 1959-1963 housing on this bearing is 1.00" taller then the 3R80-10 1.575
  Housing and bearing included, Housing is 1" taller than 3R80-10 $184.38
PT9980-25   Chevrolet Chevrolet Equinox 05-09 1.181
PT3180-45   Chevrolet Impala Pickup (58-72) 1.188
  Billet aluminum bracket w/ urethane, original bearing size $250.00
PT3180-46   Chevrolet Impala Pickup (58-72) 1.378
  Billet aluminum bracket w/ urethane, larger bearing size $336.00
PT3180-47   Chevrolet Impala Pickup (58-72) 1.574
  Billet aluminum bracket w/ urethane, larger bearing size $336.00
PT3R80-60   Chevrolet GMC 1/2 ton pickups (99-03) 1.378
  Enclosed type bracket w/studs $89.48
PT9980-26   Chevrolet GMC Colorado Canyon 1.181
PT3R80-50   Chevrolet GMC S10/S15 (94-03) 1.378
  Square type used with double CV $89.48
4180-20 PT4180-20   GM Pickup 1.574
  Hex Shaped Bracket $99.90

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Driveshaft center supports bearings both for 2wd and 4wd. We provide Driveshaft Driveline repairs, parts, rebuilding and enhanced driveline_centerbearingassemblies. At No Cost Technical support get in touch with 1-800-444-0755. Phone and talk to a professional, planning for a repair or overall performance improvement, let us save you some dough.

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