Mazda Center Support Bearings - Carrier Bearing Application List. We ship worldwide!

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Worn out driveshaft carrier bearings may be dangerous for your vehicles health and result in costly vehicle repairs. Affected carrier bearings allows the driveshaft to shake inducing seals to fail in either or both the transmission and differential. Fluid will leak out and cause heating up and bearing or gear breakdown. Replacement of rear differential components may cost in between $1,000 and $3,000 replacement of a transmission can cost you between $2,000 to $3,500. Exchange your worn center bearing at the initial symptom of vibration, a visual examination is also recommended.

Center Bearings are available for these Mazda models: 929, B2000, B2200, B2600, GLC, MPV, Tribute, B1600 Courier and Sportage motor vehicle choose your vehicle model and year to buy the proper carrier bearing, an image is provided with measurement to also assist you in purchasing the correct support bearing.

Image   Part Numberer   Model Year Bearing ID   CC of Holes   Your Cost
929 1992-1995
1.102   7.375   $101.84
2680-30   PT2680-3030  
B2000, B2200, Manual
0.985   6.5   $82.52
2680-40   PT2680-4040  
B2200 Automatic, B2600 4X2 1986-1993
1.102   6.5   $82.52
2680-20   PT2680-2020  
GLC 1977-1980
0.985   6.5   $82.52
2680*60   PT2680-6060  
MPV 4X2 1989-1998
1.102   6.875   $101.84
2680-70   PT2680-7070  
MPV 4X4 1989-1998
1.102   6.875   $101.84
2680-80   PT2680-8080  
2001-2005 Tribute
1.181   6.75   $137.92
2680-10   PT2680-1010  
B1600 Courier 1972-1981
0.985   5.875   $82.52
2680-50   PT2680-5050  
929 1988-1991, Sportage 4X2 1995-2001
1.102   6.5   $101.84

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