Nissan 620 pickup, 720 pickup, 200SX, 240SX, 330, Frontier, Hardbody, M30, Maxima, Pathfinder, Q45, QX4, Xterra, 300ZX, 610 and 810 Driveshaft Center Support Bearings - Carrier Bearing. We ship worldwide!

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Proven Force is a leading supplier of Nissan center bearings and driveshaft parts.

Worn out driveshaft center bearings might be harmful to your vehicles health and cause expensive maintenance. Broken carrier bearings can allow the driveshaft to shake leading to seals to fail in both or both the transmission and differential. Fluid will drip away and cause overheating and bearing or gear breakdown. Replacement of rear differential elements can cost in between $1,000 and $3,000 replacement of a transmission can cost you between $2,000 to $3,500. Replace your worn carrier bearing with the very first sign of shake, a visual inspection is advised.

We offer center bearings for gas and diesel applications that fit the following Nissan models: 620 pickup, 720 pickup, 200SX, 240SX, 330, Frontier, Hardbody, M30, Maxima, Pathfinder, Q45, QX4, Xterra, 300ZX, 610 and 810. Choose your motor vehicle model and year to buy the right carrier bearing, a picture is provided with dimensions also to aid you in ordering the correct support bearing.

Select you application from the following table and give us a call 1-800-444-0755we can help you save money!

Part Number Model Years Bearing Id CC of Holes Notes Your Cost
PT1280-10 620 Pickup (73-79) 1.181 $67.90
PT1280-20 720 Pickup (80-86) 1.181 $63.66
PT1280-30 (86-97) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 200SX (84-88) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 240SX (84-95) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 330 (93-97) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 Frontier 4X2 (98-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 Hardbody 4X2 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 M30 (90-92) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 Maxima (82-84) Pathfinder 4X2 (87-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 Q45 (97-01) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 QX4 4X2 (00-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-30 Xterra 4X2 (00-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-40 (86-97) Pathfinder 4X4 (87-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-40 Frontier 4X4 (98-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-40 Hardbody 4X4 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-40 QX4 4X4 (00-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-40 Xterra 4X4 (00-03) 1.181 $74.26
PT1280-50 300ZX (90-96) 1.181 5.625 $89.58
PT1280-60 200SX (77-83) 1.181 Inner bearingng width .960 $89.58
PT1280-60 610 (73-76) 1.181 Inner bearingng width .960ng width .960 $89.58
PT1280-60 810 (77-81) 1.181 Inner bearingng width .960 $89.58

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