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Do not ignore clutch slipping, noise or vibration it's going to amount to lots of money! Damaged or busted clutch parts may cause decreased car or truck efficiency, vibrations bad ride experience in addition can damage other significant automotive parts.

Nissan OE Clutch kits, Flywheels, Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinders are available for the following Nissan pickup models including: 620 Pickup Frontier Pathfinder Van Xterra.

Proven Force is an automotive warehouse, distribution center and mechanical installment facility both for automobiles and pickup trucks. Located in Maple Grove, MN we've been in business serving the Metropolitan Minneapolis area for over 37 year. We will help you with your vehicle clutch and flywheel problems.

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Less expensive may not always a Bargain

A clutch installation may take approximately 7 hours of labor, you want to ensure you choose a direct original equipment replacement kit, insist upon genuine LUK products. Organic lining designs are auto design specification improved with regard to rigidity and thermo stability. The LUK design allows for high transmission dependability because of exceptional friction coefficients along with offering the best comfort characteristics. Automobile clutch kits include advance organic lining designed to specifically suit your own cars or trucks horse power, torque and weight specs. Every clutch kit set is 100% functionally tested and guaranteed to meet OEM specs. Each kit contains everything you will need to get the job done properly: new clutch, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing (where required), spline tool, and lubricant.

For a few choosing the right clutch for your Nissan Pickup is sometimes an overwhelming task

We will help you determine what the clutch does, and how to identify the right clutch and provide a listing which will allow you to definitely purchase the correct clutch the first. You supply the parts to your mechanic and save money. Always be sure to put in a new flywheel or at best have your present flywheel re-surfaced whenever installing a new clutch. Information is offered to help you in proper diagnosis of clutch issues.

For a description of specific clutch elements see the figure on the right 1) Nissan clutch cut awayTransmission input shaft 2) Transmission input bearing 3) Clutch release bearing occasionally known as throughout bearing 4) Pilot bearing in the back of flywheel 5) clutch disc lining and 6) clutch fork, 7) Flywheel. Whenever the disc moves away from the flywheel, power flow from your engine to the transmission is disrupted. The engine crankshaft and flywheel are rotating at a higher speed than the disc and transmission input shaft that are coasting. When the clutch is engaged, the disc slips briefly to supply smooth engagement and once again, the clutch clamps the actual disc against the flywheel. This causes the input shaft to turn transmitting engine power to the transmission. The most important factor in clutch design is the disc material; Luk clutches use precisely formulated lining with much better performance and longer life assured.

Specifying the correct Nissan Pickup clutch and flywheel

If the vehicle is stock unmodified and has the horsepower and torque as provided by the factory, your best choice is direct original equipment “OE” replacement. OE direct clutch replacement is what we offer here, these direct replacement units are manufactured by LUK. LUK has been manufacturing clutch assemblies for more than 30 years.

The secret is to specify the clutch to your vehicle hp and torque ratings. When your vehicle has been changed consult our clutch expert for the correct clutch setup.

Clutch kits are available for your Nissan Pickup along with the following models: 620 Pickup Frontier Pathfinder Van Xterra. In addition to clutch kits additionally we provide flywheels, master and slave cylinders by Luk. Select the correct part for your application and give us a call we possess the answers you need.

Part Number Description Application Model Year Engine
Disc OD Inches
Spline Inches
Teeth Your Cost
Clutch Kit
L06 033 Clutch Kit Nissan 620 Pickup 1974 L4, 1.8L.
8 7/8
L06 058 Clutch Kit Nissan Frontier Pathfinder 1997 1999 V6, 3.3L.
9 13/16
L06 070 Clutch Kit Nissan Pathfinder 2001 2002 V6, 3.5L.
9 7/8
L06 075 Clutch Kit Nissan Frontier Xterra 2001 2004 V6, 3.3L.
9 13/16
L06 076 Clutch Kit Nissan Frontier 2005 2011 L4, 2.5L.
9 7/16
L06 077 Clutch Kit Nissan Frontier Xterra 2005 2009 V6, 4.0L.
10 1/4
LDMF098 Flywheel Nissan Equator Frontier Xterra 2005 2011 V6, 3.3L. V6, 4.0L. $386.60
LDMF099 Flywheel Nissan Frontier 2005 2011 L4, 2.5L. $232.87
LLFW369 Flywheel Nissan Forester 1996 1999 V6, 3.0L. $65.61
Master Cylinder
LLMC255 Master Cylinder Nissan Van 1987 1988 L4, 2.4L. $23.01
LLMC329 Master Cylinder Nissan Pathfinder 1996 2000 $20.89
LLMC399 Master Cylinder Nissan Pathfinder 2001 2002 V6, 3.5L. $49.70
LLMC508 Master Cylinder Nissan 520 Pickup 521 Pickup 1968 1972 $23.19
LLMC521 Master Cylinder Nissan 610 620 Pickup 710 1973 1977 $16.57
Slave Cylinder
LLSC208 *43 Slave Cylinder Nissan 720 D21 1986 1992 L4, 2.4L. $13.20
LLSC346 Slave Cylinder Nissan Pathfinder 2001 2002 V6, 3.5L. $54.65
LLSC425 Slave Cylinder Nissan Frontier 2005 2011 L4, 2.5L. $50.10
Minimum Order $25.00, Shipping and Handling Charges will be added.
*43 Refer to LB157 regarding hard shifting.

Large Inventory of Nissan Pickup Luk Clutch Kits and Accessories Ready to Ship

You will find there's large stock of clutch kits, flywheels, master and slave cylinder parts both for rear wheel drive (RWD), 2WD and 4WD vehicles. We provide new clutch components for Domestic, Japanese, Korean and European vehicle applications. We offer a wide range original equipment clutch kits for cars and pickup trucks, we can provide heavy duty high performance diesel clutches for your pickup trucks to fit your horse power and torque requirement.

Free Nissan Pickup Clutch Technical Support

We provide totally free tech support to work with you in the diagnosis of the difficulties with your car or truck. If you're finding a sound or vibrations from your clutch flywheel or having release issues let us assist you to resolve the situation and help you save some money. We have a full automotive service center in Maple Grove, MN in the and surrounding suburbs of Minneapolis in most cases provide 24 hour services. We can also resurface your flywheel.

The next time you need a quality clutch kit give us a call 763-425-7474 or 800-444-0755 and allow us to help save some cash. Email questions to info@provenforce.com. Quality performance is the difference!