Dodge Clutch Kits & Flywheels for 1988-1993 Diesel with Getrag 360 Transmission 5.9L OE and Diesel High Performance Extended Life Clutch Kits. We ship worldwide!

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Proven Force is a leading automotive parts and performance clutch and flywheel supplier. Both OE replacement and high performance diesel clutch sets. Our clutch kits are designed specifically for your trucks load carrying requirements including your higher horsepower and higher torque performance ratings while reducing operating temperatures and providing smooth engagement. These units provide 350 to 550 horsepower and 650 to 1100 ft lbs of torque. Free Shipping within Continental US.free shipping

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Clutch kits are available for both 2wd and 4wd Dodge truck vehicles. Select your vehicle parameters from the following table and see wide selection for your application including desired horsepower and torque ratings:

Part Number Component Breakdown HP & Torque Specs
Your Cost
SB0090 0090 Clutch features an organic friction material comprised of 808 composite, resulting in a significantly reduced operating temperature provides ultra-smooth engagement & extended life. 350hp, 650 torque $412.25
SB13125-OK 13125-O Clutch organic lining on a marcelled fin. Pressure plate is modified for higher plate load and smoothness of engagement, with 167890-5 Flywheel 400hp, 800 torque $727.50
SB13125-OR 13125-O Replacement Kit 400hp, 800 torque $485.00
SB13125-OK-HD  13125-O HD Clutch with 167890-5 Flywheel 425hp, 900 torque $824.50
SB13125-OR-HD 13125-O HD Rep Kit 425hp, 900 torque $582.00
SB13125-OFEK 13125-OFE Clutch features a variation from organic to organic and feramic or all feramic linings with marcelled fins with 167890-5 Flywheel 475hp, 1000 torque $921.50
SB13125-OFER 13125-OFE Replacement Kit 475hp, 1000 torque $727.50
SB13125-FEK 13125-FE Clutch with 167890-5 Flywheel 550hp, 1100 torque $1,018.50
SB13125-FER 13125-FE Replacement Kit 550hp, 1100 torque $824.50
SB167890-5 Flywheel $339.50
  • O stands for performance Organic linings
  • OFE stands for a combination of Organic and Feramic linings
  • FE stands for all Feramic linings on clutch disk
Clutch OE 5.9L 1988 up G360 13125-ofek


Our Maple Grove MN Service Center provides mechanic services of skilled and trained mechanics to assist in keeping your vehicle in top running order. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer guaranteed workmanship and parts. We can install your high performance clutch in your Dodge 1988-1993 Diesel with Getrag 360 5 Speed Transmission 5.9L if you would like. Walk-ins are welcomed and in most cases we offer same day service. Trying to determine what parts you need or having problems diagnosing your vehicles performance we offer Free Technical support and test drives to assist you.