Whats Wrong with My Drive Shaft Drive Line "Problems"

Driveline Driveshaft problems should not be ignored, at the first sign of a vibration have your driveshaft inspected. Continued vibration will damage transmission and pinion seals causing fluid loss and expensive failures. Drivelines need to be repaired or remanufactured by a professional shop, the right shop will have a high speed balancing system. Having your driveline assembly balanced is most important. Two piece shafts should be balanced together. The following information series presents a Driveshaft Failure Analysis. Drive shaft failures fall into the following five categories:

Make sure your vehicle is in a safe condition and never running when you go under the vehicle, spinning shafts can cause serious injury or death.

As can be seen in the table above the majority of failures occur with Ujoints, these are generally the easiest ones to avoid with proper preventative maintenance. Driveline inspectiondriveline inspections should be done on a regular basis, during normal vehicle maintenance (oil change/lubrication) cycle. You should:

  • Check the input and output yokes, for movement (radial) up and down movement indicating worn splines also sometime manifested by clunking sound when shifting into reverse.
  • Check for looseness across ends of u-joint.
  • Check slip yoke for excess radial movement
  • Check for shaft damage, i.e. bent tubing, missing balance weight (vibrations)

The following information is provide to assist you with problem solving and failure analysis of driveshaft events:burnt ujoint

Burned U-Joint Cross

  • Lack of lubrication (poor maintenance)
  • Incorrect lubrication used
  • Improper or use of incorrect U-joint

Fractured U-Jointfractured ujoint

  • Excessive Torque Loads
  • Shock loads
  • Improper application use incorrect ujoint

End Gaullling

  • Excessive U-joint operating angle (lifted vehicle)ujoint end galling
  • Improper assembly procedure
  • Sprung or bend yoke
  • Lack of lubrication (poor maintenance)


  • Excessive continuous torque loadsdriveline ujoint brinelling
  • Seized slip yoke splines
  • Ecessive driveshaft angles
  • Sprung or bent yoke
  • Over Tightened "U" Bolts


  • Water contaminationujoint spalling
  • Improper lube type
  • Lubrication failure


Fractured Yokes

  • Excessive torque loadsbroken driveline yoke
  • Shock loads
  • Improper application
  • U-joint kit failure

Yoke Broken Tang Half Round

  • Improper bearing retainer bolt torquebroken yoke tang
  • Improper installation
  • Strap was re-used instead of replacement always recommended


Twisted Tubing

  • Excessive torquetwisted driveline
  • Driving into immovable object under power
  • Spinning tires that suddenly grab hold

Broken Weld

  • Shock Loads
  • Improper welding proceduresbroken driveshaft weld
  • Excessive vibration

Tube Shaft

  • Excessive torque loads
  • Shock loads
  • Improper applicationbroken driveline spline


Bent Yoke

  • Excessive torque
  • Improper applicationbent driveline yoke
  • Improper U-joint removal

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