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Proven Force is a leading automotive rebuilt manual transmissions and parts supplier for Chevrolets. We offer a 12 month no hassle warranty. With large inventory of finished units ready to ship.

General Motors used a series of manual transmission in their Astro Van, 5 speeds T5 Transmissions, Our manual transmissions are factory built in a modern facility providing production consistency and top quality by skilled transmission repair exerts. All components with low life expectancy are always replaced. In addition during the rebuild process all bearings, gaskets, seals, shift fork pads, syncro rings and bushings are replaced. All updates and compliance parts are installed. To ensure the best quality each manual transmission is dyno tested before leaving the factory.

Worn out Chevrolet T5 manual transmissions can be hazardous to you and your vehicles ability to get you from point a to point b. Damaged transmissions exhibit noise (bearing wining) grinding going into gear hard to get into gear(worn or damaged syncro rings or sliders) even vibrations. Worn our seals or shafts can cause fluid to leaking leading to overheating and failure. When ordering a replacement transmission it is important to get a direct drop in replacement, we can help you get it right the fist time. Demand the very best purchase from Proven Force. Having a problem let us help you.

Rebuilt Manual Transmissions are available for the Chevrolet Astro Van. Select you application for the following table to review detailes of what tanmsission you need and give us a call we can help you save some money!

Chevrolet Rebuilt Manual Transmission
Year Year Engine Liter Part Number Transmission Description Core Cost Your Cost
1985 1985 ASTRO V6 4.3 MTGM021 T5-5 Speedd $250.00 $1,000.00
1988 1989 ASTRO V6 4.3 MTGM021 T5-5 Speedd $250.00 $1,000.00
1986 1987 ASTRO V6 4.3 MTGM021 T5-5 Speedd $250.00 $1,000.00

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If you decide to rebuild your Chevrolet manual transmission or having someone bearing kitelse rebuild it for you we suggest you supply the parts and save money. In addition to a wide range of manual transmissions we offer bearing rebuild kits that include all major bearings, syncro rings. We also provide both new and good takeout (used parts) that can be use to save you some money. Just give us a call we can help you.

Our service center provides skilled and trained mechanic services to assist in keeping your vehicle in top running order. We can remove and replace your Chevrolet transmission for you if you choose. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer 12 month guaranteed workmanship and parts. Walk-ins are welcomed we can install a rebuilt transmission for you and in most cases we offer same day service. Trying to determine what parts you need or having problems diagnosing your vehicles performance we offer Free Technical support call 1-800-444-0755 and test drives to assist you.