Dura Grip Locker

The Yukon Dura Grip is a four spring, clutch driven limited slip with roots going back to the factory dura grip positractionunits found in 60’s & 70’s GM muscle cars. These units feature Raybestos composite clutches for longer life, while still providing strong lock-up ability for greater traction. Dura Grip internal gears are cut from forged 4320 steel for added strength. Units arrive from the factory with 400lbs of preload, but can be customized with 200lb or 800lb springs for less or more aggressive handling. Dura Grips are completely rebuildable, and assembled in the USA.

Positraction Features:

4 Spring, Clutch style positraction

Internal gears are manufactured using forged 4320 steel which provides stonger teeth

Rebuildable and adjustable

Agressive yet smooth traction gives you the confidence and grip you need. You will get longer life and improved traction with this heavy duty Yukon Dura Grip Positraction. The Dura Grip limited slip is a torque biasing positraction that means it will transfer some of the torque from the low traction side to the high traction side improving traction. You will need one small bottle of friction modifier to be added to the differential fluid you select. Warrantied for 12 months 12,000 miles from date of purchase material. To see more appilications and pricing visit Dura Grip Poistraction page.

When installing your new Dura Grip Locker its a great time to replace all your bearings, gaskets and seal, ask your ProvenForce.com sales representative he is an expert and suggest only the parts you will need, saving you money, call today 800-444-0755.

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