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Eaton Elocker 4 for Dana 44, 30 Spline Axles! We ship worldwide!

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Eaton Elocker 4

New Eaton Elocker 4 Positraction Units

Don't allow the bad weather and slippery streets stop you, enjoy off-road activities do not get trapped again. Many people are surprised to find after they buy a 4WD vehicle, that a lot of 4wd vehicle just have 2WD while many brand new 2WD auto or truck just have a single wheel drive! See why you need a positraction. The new Elocker is available in a variety of vehicles. Ford Bronco, F150-350, Thunderbird. GMC 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Pickups. Dodge Chrysler, 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Ram, Firebird, Corvette. Jeep Grand Cherokeem Wagoneerm C, J, TJ, and CJ series. These are just a few of the applications available per make, if your vehicle comes with a Dana 44 you need the new Eaton Elocker 4.

Eaton Positraction Units

You can fix this problem by installing a positraction unit. The new Eaton Elocker 4 is built for the Dana 44 differential which is used by many different applications both front and rear axle applications are available. The Eaton Elocker 4 is designed for a variety of uses off road, rock crawling, towing or your high preformance vehicle. What makes the Elocker 4 so exciting is that is engineered for maximum driveline ability. Users operate the unit with a flip of a dash switch. When in the "off" position, the unit operates as a fully open differential. If activated to the "on" posistion, an electronically controlled mechanism locks the internal differential gear set to the differential case providing 100% axle lock. Designed with four alloy pinion gears to withstand extreme levels of torque and with net forged gears you are guaranteed greater strength over other brands.


Front Passenger Car, Small Truck, Mini Van, SUV

Year   Locker Model   R/G Dia Axle Dia   Spl  
Gear Ratio
  Part Number   Your Cost
1991-95   Eaton ELocker
3.92 & Up
  EA19969-010   $944.94
1983-96   Eaton Elocker  
3.73 & Down
  EA19977-010   $944.94

Positraction Units are available for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles, installation is available in our shop in Maple Grove, Mn. For Free Technical support call toll free 1-800-444-0755. Call and talk to an expert, planning a repair or performance upgrade, let us help you save some money.

Why you need a Positraction!


Eaton Elocker 4 positraction units are available for vehicles with Dana 44. We offer a wide range of Positraction units and Drivetrain repair parts as well as upgraded assemblies. Our Service Center provides skilled mechanic services and trained technicians to assist in keeping your vehicle in top running order. We can install the Eaton positraction unit in your vehicle if you would like. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer guaranteed workmanship and parts. Walk-ins are welcomed and in most cases we offer same day service. Trying to determine what parts you need or having problems diagnosing your vehicles performance we offer Free Technical support and test drives to assist you.