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Don't let the bad weather and slippery roads stop you,posi don't get stuck again. Most consumers are suprised to find when they purchased a 4WD vehicle, that most 4WD vehicles only have 2WD, while most new 2WD vehicles only have one wheel driving with hopefully limited slip! See Eaton G80 positraction locker in action.

Proven Force is a leading supplier of automotive positractions for both cars and light, medium and large heavy duty trucks, get all wheels working for you in bad weather while adding performance and stability to your winter driving. We offer positraction units by Eaton, Dana, Detroit Locker Auburn Gear.

Positraction Units are available for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles, installation is available in our shop in Maple Grove, MN. For Free Technical support call 1-800-444-0755. Call and talk to an expert, planning a repair or performance upgrade, let us help you save some money.

We offer a wide range of Positraction units and Drivetrain repair parts as well as upgraded assemblies, see product line listing. Our Service Center provides skilled mechanic services and trained technicians to assist in keeping your vehicle in top running order. We can install the positraction unit in your vehicle if you would like. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer guaranteed workmanship and parts. Walk-ins are welcomed and in most cases we offer same day service. Trying to determine what parts you need or having problems diagnosing your vehicles performance we offer Free Technical support and test drives to assist you.

Parts   We offer a wide range of Positractions and limited slip units by Eaton, Dana, Detroit Locker Auburn Gear and many more plus Drivetrain repair parts and upgraded assemblies, see product line listing
Service   We have a trained staff to assist you with excellent service to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. Guaranteed workmanship and parts. 3 service bays offering same day service.
Technical Support   Need help determining just what parts you need, let us help you save some money!

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