218 mm Rear Axle 10 Bolt Chevrolet Camaro V8 Differential Ring Pinions and Parts, Change Ratio Improve Fuel Economy or Improve Off Line Power! We ship worldwide!

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Running the incorrect ring and pinion differential ratio can cost you a lot of money!

  • Actual Parts May Vary Actual Parts May Vary
  • Actual Parts May Vary
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We offer a wide range of differential rear end repair parts and upgraded assemblies plus installation services for domestic and foreign vehicles including Chevrolet Camaro. Rear end parts are available for the popular Camaro 218 MM rear ends. We can provide ring and pinion sets to change ratio, in addition bearing rebuild kit, internal kits, carrier and cases are available.

This differentials are used in the following models: Chevrolet Camaro. See vehicle Application guide Cars. Check specification listing to insure that you have identified the correct rear end.

Illustrated in the image above is a complete ring and pinion set plus a master bearing overhaul kit that includes pinion bearing, pinion seal, carrier bearings, shim kit plus an internal kit for open differential that includes spider and side gears plus thrust washers and cross shaft. If you need better traction (for mud or snow) Positractions unit are also available.

American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) gears are face hobbed and set up with a biased pattern, not an oval contact pattern like old style face milled gears. Providing matched ring and pinion sets with long life, guaranteed performance, quiet running ring and pinion gears:

  • CNC start to finish
  • Central contact pattern
  • Solid shank pinion shaft
  • Computer controlled heat treating
  • 8620 Steel
  • Strict quality control
  • Easier Setup Superior Strength
  • Warrantied for 12 months 12,000 miles from date of purchase material. What one American Axle Manufacturing ring and pinion set customer had to say!

OE parts rear endSee detailed product line listings many parts we supply are original equipment OE, you can find: ring and pinion sets, bearing parts, pinion parts, differential parts and small parts for the Chevrolet Camaro 218 MM Rear Ends. To assist you in identification of the correct parts you need we have provided a detailed parts breakdown illustration. Why you might want to change your ring and pinion ratio.


Chevrolet Camaro 218 MM Rear End Vehicle Application Guide

Camaro 2010+ The 218mm is for the Camaro V8. There is also a 195mm differential that is for the V6 both are in the 2010+ Camaro’s.  Starting in 2013 there is a 250mm rear differential with limited production


Chevrolet Camaro 218 MM Rear End Specification Guide






  • 32 Splines

See what one American Axle Manufacturing customer had to say!

Chevrolet Camaro 218 MM Ring & Pinion List

Year Description Part Number
Your Cost
Ring and Pinion Gear-sets  
2010+ Gears set, Ring and Pinion 3.27 AA40037661
2010+ Gears set, Ring and Pinion 3.45 AA40037664
2010+ Gear-set, Ring and Pinion 3.91 AA40098654
Pinion Parts
2010+ Nut, Pinion AA40037574
2010+ Flange ASM, Pinion for 3.45 & 3.91 AA40081311
2010+ Seal, Pinion AA40053191
2010+ Spacer, Pinion Bearing AA14012691
2010+ Pinion Seal Kit AA74020014
2010+ Master Install Kit AA74010007
Bearing Parts
2010+ Bearing ASM, Tapered AA40057334
2010+ Bearing ASM, Tapered AA40038906
2010+ Bearing Rebuild Kit AA74060018
Differential Parts
2010+ Differential ASM, Limited Slip AA40053855
2010+ Eaton TrueTrac 32 Splines, Gear Ratio 3.45-3.73 EA912A686
2010+ TracRite PC AA40053855
Small Parts
2010+ Plug, Fill/Drain AA40039752
2010+ Bolt, Special Ring Gear AA40007898
2010+ Connector, Vent Hose AA40066428
2010+ Bolt, Cover pan AA40033325
2010+ Bushing AA40040046
2010+ Gasket AA40040049
2010+ Seal, Output AA40037575
2010+ Bushing, Isolation AA40040044
2010+ Bushing, Isolation AA40040045
2010+ Output Seal Kit AA74050017

Chevrolet Camaro 218 MM Free Parts Illustration


Customer recommends American Axle ring and pinions and setup advice: "You will not regret this choice...gears are not a good place to cheap out and the GM gears really are made and finished a lot better. Note that these run extremely tight backlash .004"-.007", shoot for .004"." See image below for what the pattern looked like during trial settings and the final pattern.

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