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Running the incorrect ring and pinion differential ratio can cost you a lot of money! Change Ratio Improve Fuel Economy or Improved for Towing Power!

chrysler dodge 9.25" ring and pinion set

We offer a wide range of differential front end repair parts and upgraded assemblies plus installation services for domestic vehicles including Chevrolet, and GMC. Front end parts are available for the popular 9.25" front end for the following models: Pickup 3/4 ton and 1 ton. Check specification listing to insure that you have identified the correct front end.

Long life 9.25" Chevrolet, and GMC, guaranteed performance, quiet running ring and pinion gears:

  • CNC start to finish
  • Central contact pattern
  • Solid shank pinion shaft
  • Computer controlled heat treating
  • 8620 Steel
  • Strict quality control
  • Easier Setup Superior Strength
  • Warrantied for 12 months 12,000 miles from date of purchase material.

See detailed product line listings that includes: ring and pinion sets, bearing overhaul kits, differential parts and axles and axles bearings and seals. We also have cases/carrier empty, plus internal kits and axles for the Chevrolet, and GMC 9.25" Front End. Why you might want to change your ring and pinion ratio.

Illustrated in the image above is a complete ring and pinion set plus a master bearing overhaul kit that includes pinion bearing, pinion seal, carrier bearings, shim kit plus an internal kit for open differential that includes spider and side gears plus thrust washers and cross shaft.

Chevrolet GM 9.25" 14 Bolt Front Beam/IFS Front End Application Guide

Chevrolte GM 2500 3/4 and 1 Ton 1988-On   Dodge 2500 3/4 and 1 Ton 2003-On

gmc 9.25" frond end parts

POWER UP! For Towing or higher ratio for increased mileage.


Specifications 14 Bolt

9.25 front differential  gasket

  • RG Diameter 9.25"
  • GM 12 1.5 LH Threaded Bolts
  • GM Pinion Diameter 1.438" 30 Splines
  • Case: No case breaks
  • 14 Bolt Cover
9.25" 14 Bolt Front Beam/IFS Front End
Mfg. Item Part Number Application Model Year Ratio Your Cost
Ring & Pinion
Motive MWG895342   1998-On 3/4 1988-On 1 Ton 3.42 $268.98
Motive MWG89   1998-On 3/4 1988-On 1 Ton 3.73 $268.98
Motive MWG89   1998-On 3/4 1988-On 1 Ton 4.1 $268.98
Motive MWG89   1998-On 3/4 1988-On 1 Ton 4.56 $268.98
Motive MWG89   1998-On 3/4 1988-On 1 Ton 4.88 $268.98
Master Bearing Overhaul Kit
Motive MWR9.2R GM 1998-On $136.96
Motive MWR9.2R GM 1998-On Timken $149.99
American Axlexle AA19206697 GM   08 -Up AWD 9.25" IFS - Front Axle 33 Spline 20.35" lg
American Axlexle AA40057071 GM GMT-900   2007-2011 9.25" IFS - Front Axle L 33 Spline 5.8" lg
Can use in 1988-2006 is change internal gear kit to 2007 -up # 74040363. Snap ring location is 4 mm off
American Axlexle AA40039201 GM   1988- up 9.25" R 4wd
American Axlexle AA40058285 GM   2011-2012 9.25" Front Salisbury Axle Salisbury Axle L
American Axlexle AA40058310 GM   2011, 2012 9.25" Front Salisbury Axle L
American Axlexle AA40058311 GM   2011, 2012 9.25" Front Salisbury Salisbury Axle L
American Axlexle AA40058313 GM 2011, 2012 R
Differential Parts
Pinion Shimsms MW1102 GM $8.98
Carrier Shimsms MWGM9 GM $22.92
Crush Sleeve MW14012691 GM $2.93
Pinion Seal MW710282 GM $28.88
Pinion Nut MW1260823 GM $3.93
Ring Gear Bolts MW14012703 GM $7.98
Cover Gasket MW107276 GM $8.98
American Axlexle AA090950E GM Empty 1988-2011
Case Kit
Motive AA40035046 GM Loaded Open


Internal Kit
American Axlexle AAGM9.5I GM 1988-2006 Spider/Side Gears thrust washers and cross shaft $99.98
  74040363 GM 2007-Up   $91.91

Shipping charges will be added, $25.00 minimum order including freight.

Our Service Center provides mechanic services of skilled and trained mechanics to assist in keeping your vehicle in top running order. We have 3 bays service/installation and offer guaranteed workmanship and parts we can change your Chevrolet and GMC 9.25" ring and pinion for you. Walk-ins are welcomed and in most cases we offer same day service. Trying to determine what Dode, Chevrolet and GMC ring and pinion ratio or differential parts you need or having problems diagnosing your vehicles performance we offer Free Technical support and test drives to assist you