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Running the incorrect ring and pinion differential ratio can cost you a lot of money! We offer a wide range of differential rear end repair parts and upgraded assemblies plus installation services for domestic vehicles including AMC, American Axle, GM Chevrolet, Dodge Chrysler, Dana, Ford and Jeep. See detailed product line listings that includes: ring and pinion sets, differential bearing overhaul kits, internal kits (spider side gears thrust washers and cross shaft, positractions and axles and axles bearings and seals.

Reasons to change your rear end ratio

  • You installed large tires to get lift, you will need lower ratio probably 4.10 or lower possibly 4.56.
  • Your vehicle came from the factory with 4.10 ratio you don't tow any heavy load and get poor fuel economy. You need higher gear ratio say 3.73 or possibly even 3.42
  • Your vehicle came from the factory with 3.42 ratio and you need to tow larger loads, then you will want to install 4.10 ratio
  • You use your truck for farm work or off-roading all the time you will want 4.10 ratio or lower for more power.
  • Ring and Pinions
  • Bearing Rebuild Kits
  • Internal Kits
  • Positractions
  • Axles
  • Complete Differential Rear End Assemblies
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Reasons to change your ring and pinion rear end ratio, high ratio's lower engine RPM's and reduce fuel consumption. Lower ratio's provide more power for pulling larger loads:

  • Concrete Cruising: Get the correct ratio for your vehicles application, for example if you spend a lot of time cursing on the freeway you will want an high ratio
  • Pull Heavy loads, you will want a lower ratio, being in the correct gear ratio will enhance the engine life and reduce maintenance costs

Rear End Question and Answers

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