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np241 replacement transfer case units

Top high quality rebuilt Blazer transfer cases saving your cash! Among the best warranty in the industry 24 months and experienced technical guidance, you are able to rely on Proven Force for the specific components you need!

Proven Force a top business car re-builder of 4WD transfer cases, and supplier for light, medium cars or trucks products with more than 38 years experience. You can see our complete collection of automotive products that we offer at www.provenforce.com.

Rebuilt Chevrolet Blazer Transfer Cases are available from 1992 through 1994 utilized in the Full Size models. All Chevrolet Blazer Full Size vehicles use the NP241C transfer case, see detailed list. Transfer case shown on the right is a NP241C transfer case one of the models used on the Chevrolet Blazer Full Size units.

Chevrolet Blazer Full Size Quality Replacement Transfer Cases that will survive the long haul

All of the low service life parts are going to be exchanged at Proven Force, each of the parts is 100% inspected to ensure predicted longevity. All in question components are replaced instead. discount couponThese types of parts are changed using brand-new parts which include: bearings, races, seals, chain, fork inserts and bushings. All possible upgrades are included into the units during the building operation,all units will be pressure and spin tested by professional automotive specialists. You'll receive a 2 year, no hassle guarantee that you can feel confident about, furthermore a quick reimbursement of your core deposit.


You can expect a variety of rebuilt transfer cases in addition shift motor for the following Chevrolet Blazer Full Size Models:





Part Number

Your Cost

Core Deposit

Blazer (Full Size)


27 spline front input, rear slip output three wire indicator, electronic speedo, 4 inch bell front output yoke 4L60E Automatic Transmission




Blazer (Full Size)


32 spline front input, rear slip output, two wire indicator, electronic speedo, 4 inch bell front output yoke, 4L80E Automatic Transmission




Blazer (Full Size)


27 spline front input, rear slip output, two wire indicator, electronic speedo, 4 inch bell front output yoke, 700R4 Automatic Transmission




Correct Chevrolet Blazer Full Size Transfer Case the very first time!

Before putting in an order for the replacement Blazer transfer case its crucial that you look on the back of the present transfer case for an id tag (see illustration down below). The label provides the particular model number of your respective model most importantly the assembly number. We should have the assembly number at time of the purchase it will make sure that you obtain an immediate drop in replacement. You'll employ existing yokes and switches from you old unit when replacing the particular transfer case.

np241C identification tag    
This identification tag will be on the rear of the unit near where the rear driveshaft exits.    


Take full advantage of our working experience any time while changing your Chevrolet Blazer Full Size Transfer Case

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Our Installation Service Center provides auto technician services of qualified and properly trained auto mechanics to assistance with keeping your car or truck in very best running order. We are able to replace your transfer case for you personally, or give you a direct drop in replacement delivered to your house or business street address.