Hummer 218 AMG, 242 AMG and BW 4484 and BW4494 Factory Rebuilt Transfer Cases, we ship worldwide!

Proven Force an Automotive Parts Warehouse and Installation Mechanic Shop can assist you with your Hummer Transfer Case.

Top quality rebuilt Hummer transfer cases saving your dollars! With one of the most beneficial warranty in the business as well as experienced specialized assistance, you are able to count on Proven Force for your specific parts you require! Proven Force a leading business vehicle re-builder of Four wheel drive transfer cases, as well as supplier for light, medium cars and trucks parts for over 38 years. You will find all of our complete collection of vehicle items that we offer at www.provenforce.com.

Hummer Transfer Cases are available for: H1, H2, H3 and Military Hummers include 218 AMG, 242 AMG and Borg Warner 4484 and BW4494 see detailed list.

Hummer Quality Replacement Transfer Cases which will survive

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All of the minimal service life pieces will be exchanged at Proven Force, every part will be 100% inspected to make sure expected longevity. All questionable parts are exchanged. These parts are changed employing new parts which include: bearings, races, seals, chain, fork inserts in addition to bushings. All possible upgrades are integrated in to the units throughout the building procedure, all units are pressure and spin tested by highly skilled automotive specialists. You will get a 1 year, no hassle warranty to ensure that you can be confident, additionally a quick reimbursement of the core deposit.

We offer a wide range of both New Venture Gear and Borg Warner transfer case rebuilt units for the following Hummer Models:

HUMMER H1 1999-98 32 spline input, 32 rear slip output w/oil cooler, mechanical speedo hole 242AMG
HUMMER H1 1997-95 32 front input spline, 32 rear slip output w/oil cooler, electronic speedo 242AMG
HUMMER H2 2007-03 27 spline front input, rear slip output, female spline front output, full-time two speed (Electric shift) BW4484
HUMMER H3 2007-06 27 spline input, 32 rear slip circular front output yoke, 2-speed high ratio. (NR6) BW4494
HUMMER H3 2007-06 27 spline input, 32 rear slip circular front output yoke, 2-speed. AWD. (NR4) BW4493
HUMMER (Military H1) 1999-97 32 spline input, 27 rear slip, mechanical speedo hole; indicator switch in rear brg support only w/o NV242AMG
HUMMER (Military H1) 1996 32 spline input, front and rear fixed yokes, w/o shift indicator hole, w/o viscous coupler. w/oil cooler 218AMG


Correct Hummer Transfer Case the first time!

Just before placing any order on your replacement Hummer transfer case its crucial that you check out the rear of the present transfer case for an id tag (see illustration below). The label provides the actual model no. of your respective unit most importantly the assembly number. We must have the assembly number at time of the order it is going to ensure that you acquire a immediate drop in replacement. You will use existing yokes and switches from you old unit any time changing the transfer case.

np242 replacements   bw4484 id tag
This identification tag will be on the rear of the unit near where the rear driveshaft exits.   This Borg Warner identification tag will be under a case half bolt or on a white paper tag.


Take full advantage of all our knowledge when replacing your Hummer Transfer Case

We provide Free Tech support team call 1-800-444-0755. Contact us and speak to a professional, arranging a repair or performance upgrade, let us save you some funds.

Our Installation Service Center provides repair shop services of competent and trained mechanics to assist in keeping your car or truck in very best running order. We can easily exchange your current transfer case for you, or give you a direct drop in replacement sent to your residence or commercial street address.